Fascinating stuff. Whoever gets grocery delivery right first will definitely be getting my money.

Instead, the restaurant makes the menu longer instead of figuring out how to make even one dish worth traveling across town for. We add many slides to our presentation before figuring out how to utter a single sentence that will give the people in the room chills or make them think. We confuse variety and range with quality.

Being a generalist, this really hits home. 

This would be one answer to why Apple’s recent hires of ‘wearables experts’ sound a bit like a team for a hospital device rather than a watch, measuring various quite technical things - because Apple plans to enable such devices, not try to pack every single one into its own device. 

Great piece by Ben Evans, but I disagree with this conclusion. Apple has already enabled many such apps through the Core Motion APIs, but the main limitation is where all these inputs live. To provide meaningful data for Healthbook apps, Apple needs to have their own wearable sensors.